Why is Ben running a weekly lottery?

A lottery is a fun and engaging way for Ben to raise funds. The lottery is promoted and run to help raise essential funds for Ben, the beneficiary charity. Profits from the lottery go to Ben.

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be aged 18 or over to enter the lottery.

What can I win?

The Ben's Lucky Lotto prize structure is based on a 6 digit number match, in the correct sequence, as follows:

  • 3 digit match = 5 entries into the next draw
  • 4 digit match = £25
  • 5 digit match = £1,000
  • 6 digit match = £25,000

Can I choose my lottery numbers?

No, these are chosen randomly and will be your numbers for the duration of your membership of our lottery. When you enter the lottery, you will be sent your unique numbers.

How many entries can I have each week?

In accordance with our commitment to responsible gambling, we offer a maximum of 20 entries each week per person. Each £1 entry buys you one ‘chance’ of winning in the lottery.

How can Ben offer £25,000 as a top prize?

When a player wins a prize, this is covered by the Unity prize pot. This means that charities using Unity for their fundraising lotteries can offer a £25,000 jackpot and smaller prizes to their players.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The odds of winning any prize in Unity is 1 in 63. Everyone in Unity has an equal chance of winning, no matter which charity they support or how many players that charity has. This is one of the main benefits for Ben in joining a scheme like Unity.

Why is the price £4.34 per month when paying by Direct Debit?

The monthly cost breakdown of £4.34 for playing the lottery is based on paying £1 per week over a 52 week year. Direct Debits for this amount are collected once a month.

Sometimes there will be five weeks in a month and the additional 34p is to build up credit to cover the fifth week on the five-week months.

Where does the money go, exactly?

For every £1 played, at least 50p goes straight to Ben as profit. The other 50p is split between the prize pot (18%) and administration costs (32%).

Can you guarantee the lottery is fair?

Yes, every entry has an equal chance of winning, and the winning numbers are drawn at random.

How will I know if I win a prize?

Once the draw has taken place, winners are notified by post or email, and the winning number is published on our winners page.

If you match 4 digits or more, you will be sent your winnings automatically, either directly into your bank (if playing by Direct Debit), or via a cheque sent in the post.

If you match 3 digits you will be sent an email to confirm your win and your temporary 5 prize entry lottery numbers for the following week's draw.

Are my entries eligible for Gift Aid?

Unfortunately, we cannot claim Gift Aid on funds raised through the lottery.

Who is behind Unity?

Unity lotteries are administered by Sterling Management Centre; experienced lottery administrators of over 30 years. Unity was developed by Sterling so that charities of all shapes and sizes are able to run their own fundraising lotteries.

Sterling Management Centre Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by The Gambling Commission under account number 3137.

What are the lottery rules?

The lottery rules are available on rules page. The purpose of these rules is to ensure you are informed about the terms of playing our lottery, and to promote responsible gambling.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

For questions about the lottery or your lottery membership, please call the Unity Lottery Helpline on 0370 050 9240 (Available Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm)

Alternatively, please fill in our contact form.

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